About Us

Almost 60 years ago  Dan and Juanita Blanzy purchased a butcher shop in Six Lakes MI.  They named it Dan’s Processing Plant.  This business supported a family of 9 and created many memories as Dan built a business based on strong work ethics and christian values.






30 years ago his son Ben Blanzy took over the family business renaming it Ben’s Butcher Shop.  Ben followed in his father’s footsteps and continued to maintain the strong christian values and strong work ethics that continue to shape the business.  Ben has a deep passion for hunting and loves to spend time in the great Michigan outdoors.  The Blanzy family continues their work to improve what Dan started so many years ago.





There is a very good chance you will see the next generation of Blanzy’s helping out.  Especially during deer season.  Lisha, Benny and Lance are always around learning the business from their father just like he did with their grandpa.  Which ever Blanzy you may run into they are all there with a smile and helping hand.

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We are located at

11921 N Miles Rd

Six Lakes, MI 48886

(989) 365-3422