Get more out of your deer

The condition of your meat when delivered to us determines the total yield after being processed.  We take every precaution to ensure that each order is kept separate.  The meat that you pick up will be your meat.  Please make your processing charge worth the expense…Get the most for your money…Take care of your meat.
When field dressing your deer, always remember to split the pelvic bone and remove the bladder.  Please do not cut off the shanks as we use those to assist us in hanging your deer in cold storage for proper aging. .  Any bloodshot meat is di

sposed of because we fee

l that it isn't edible.

Due to limited freezer space, we ask that all orders be picked as soon as you can after you receive
notification that your order is ready.  A deposit will be required on all orders expected to exceed over $100.00  We accept cash, check and new this year Visa MasterCard and Discover.

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