The condition of your meat when delivered to us determines the total yield after being processed.  We have many check points to ensure that each order is kept separate.

The meat that you pick up will be your meat.


Please make your processing charge worth the expense…Get the most for your money…Take care of your meat.
When field dressing your deer, always remember to split the pelvic bone and remove the bladder and anus.  Please do not cut off the shanks as we use those to assist us in hanging your deer in cold storage for proper aging.  Any bloodshot meat is disposed of because we feel that it isn’t edible.
Due to limited freezer space we try to give advanced calls when meat will be ready for pick up.  Please make sure you pick up your order ASAP after this courtesy call.
A deposit will be required on all orders expected to exceed over $100.00  We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Benny Blitz

Your chance to sample, enjoy and SAVE our delicious specialties! 4-Pound Variety of our Benny Brauts in 4 Delicious Flavors! Honey Mustard, Benny’s, Pepper Jack and Trail’s End 3-Pound Variety of our Hunter Sticks in our 3 Best Selling Flavors! Teriyaki, Hot and Honey Boo Boo 10 1/2 Pounds Variety of our tasty Summer Sausage […]

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