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Pre Visit Care

  • The condition of your meat when delivered to us determines the total yield after being processed.  

  • When field dressing your deer, always remember to split the pelvic bone and remove the bladder and anus. 

  • Please do not cut off the shanks as we use those to assist us in hanging your deer in cold storage for proper aging. 

  • Shot placement is one of the biggest factors in meat loss.  Damaged areas are trimmed with extra care. 



  • You do in fact get your deer back.   Feel free to ask us details when you visit. 

  • We offer many specialty items, in variety of flavors: 

    • Jerky

    • Brats 

    • Hunter Sticks

    • Summer Sausage

  • We have experienced skinners on site to cape your trophy correctly. ​

  • Give us a call with any questions

Raw Steak
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